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Want to work with me?

There are many ways we can work together both as an Individual, Team, Online or Face to Face.
Online Learning has changed the game when it comes to Personal and Professional Development.

No longer do you have to take a day or two out of the office, you can pretty much access what you want when you want it and how you want it. We are privileged to have worked with individuals and companies across Australia, NZ, UK, USA, and even Dubai.

Likewise, we are also privileged to work Face to Face with many amazing Individuals and Companies to support them with 1:1 Executive Mentoring, Leadership Team and Group workshops, Leadership Development Programs, Facilitation and Strategy Advice

Depending on what you want to achieve will depend on where you want to start.


If you’re a curious individual and wanting to learn more about yourself and how you can shortcut what can sometimes take years to learn about yourself, you’re in the right place.

We recommend that you start with experiencing an EXTENDED DISC Profile.

To read more about EXTENDED DISC click HERE.

If after your Profile, you’d like to continue working together, there are plenty of options – Mentoring & Coaching / LIVE ONLINE WORKSHOPS.

If you’re ready to get going:

  • Simply purchase a Extended DISC Profile HERE.
  • We send you a link (with instructions) to complete your Profile. The Profile takes about 7-10 minutes to complete.
  • Once you’ve completed the Profile, we then arrange a time to review it together online over zoom. If you’re not familiar with zoom, you should be. It’s super easy to download and can be used from your phone, iPad or laptop.
  •  We will email you a copy of your profile before we catch up so we can go through it together.
  •  We meet online
  •  You feel more self-aware & confident.

The review usually takes about 45 minutes.


If you manage or lead a team, we highly recommend (and haven’t had any clients disagree with us … yet) that everyone in your team experience an individual EXTENDED DISC Profile prior to undertaking any mentoring, coaching or workshops.

It’s incredible what you can learn about yourself and each other (when you share the results). No profile is ever good or bad or better or worse than another.

We know it can be a big step to invest in profiling your team. You may have experienced other profiling tools and found them not to be of great value, won’t worry, so have I!

I can hands down say EXTENDED DISC is leading the way. It’s simple, straight forward in language you’re able to understand and forms a great foundation for understanding yourself and your team better.

I’m also a big believer in Managers and Leaders leading by example. It’s much easier to know what to expect prior to your team experiencing a profile, so drop me a line and let’s CONNECT about what you’re wanting to achieve and get your Profile underway.


Whether you’re wanting to fly solo and learn online by yourself, or you have a team that’s remote and want to develop them together or prefer a face to face workshop, we’ve got you covered.

Depending on what you want to achieve will depend on where you start.


I have to say, I absolutely LOVE our live online workshops.

Our CONSCIOUS LEADERS SERIES is for everyone. Whether you’re a new Manager, a Manager that would like to be seen as a Leader or a Leader who wants to step up and become a CONSCIOUS Leader.

You can join our course as an Individual or as a team.

We’re launching the online CONSCIOUS LEADERS SERIES July 2019.


Once your team have completed their EXTENDED DISC Profiles you have the perfect foundation to be able to start to dive a little deeper into their development.

Whether it’s getting clarity around what Success looks like as a team and the role they all play to how you create a safe culture for open and honest conversations.

All our Online modules within THE CONSCIOUS LEADERS SERIES are available to be facilitated face to face as part of a series or as a one off.

Let’s CONNECT and talk more about what you’re wanting to achieve.


I work 1:1 with a handful of business leaders whose values are aligned to who I am, who need a little extra support. These
businesses may be in a growth phase, have a restructure that needs to take place or simply prefer the 1:1 attention to fast track their

CONNECT to talk more


I’m fortunate to partner with some pretty incredible businesses and people within those businesses and work closely with them on their Strategy. Sometimes all you need is an objective set of eyes or ears to help prioritize where you and your team should be spending your time to achieve your goals.

CONNECT to talk more


Mali Cutler


cook and waiter Mali Cutler +
cook and waiter Mali Cutler

Being a small team of 8, we have always thought our team culture was amazing. As our business has grown we’ve engaged Michelle to assist us with refining our strategy, mentoring our leadership team and developing individuals – taking our team culture to a new level.

As a team, we’ve been lead through a series of Leadership Workshops with Michelle. The result of each session saw our team leaving inspired, encouraged and empowered to approach challenges with a different perspective, whilst working on becoming better leaders both individually and as a team.
Prior to our workshops, everyone in the team completed an Extended DISC profile. We’d never done anything like this before. The results were incredibly insightful. We all discovered things about ourselves that we weren’t aware of.  It was so interesting to see the difference in our Profiles from who we are most naturally (Natural Style) to how we adjust and change our behavior when we come to work (Adjusted Style).

Whilst the Extended DISC profiles initially gave us an in-depth understanding of ourselves, when we shared our profiles with each other, we gained greater respect for one another which took our relationships to a much deeper level. Our team now communicates more openly and honestly than ever before and we can honestly saw we’ve never had a culture this good.

Mali Cutler

GM Cook & Waiter

Dan Eagles


Since we’ve been working with Michelle, the self-awarenessof our team has grown immensely.

From who we are as individuals, how we interact as a team, to how we communicate internally and with our clients, we’ve been able to reach new levels of honest and open conversations.

Without a doubt, we’ve been able to lift underperforming team members and help them achieve their potential.

We’ve used Disc as a tool for both current and incoming team members to help facilitate and start conversations around success and development.

Thanks again for the support and clarity.

Dan Eagles

Director , Prospace Design

Tom Cull

I’m a builder + carpenter by trade, and with this comes a very stereotypical attitude toward people. You turn up to work, you do your job and you get paid. Simple, right? Well yes, this was the case when it was just a few of the boys, and myself slogging away on site. But as our company has grown toward 40+ staff, a shift of mindset was required to maintain a harmonious, happy and freely communicative workplace both onsite and in the office.

This is exactly when I met Michelle on the footpath, as she was loading the kids into the car for school. After a very direct conversation about the current state of affairs both in our office and my leadership in the company, a meeting was arranged to further discuss these issues and gain traction on the direction we were heading for.

I was immediately comfortable with Michelle, yet extremely skeptical about the effectiveness and accuracy of what was proposed to profile each of our staff using DISC. So, I decided to do it first myself to test the waters. To put it simply, I was both shocked and amazed at the accuracy of the results. So, I immediately arranged for everyone to take part in individual profiling and one on ones with Michelle. Again, the warmth and empathy from Michelle allowed all our team to literally break free of the shells I had no idea some were hiding in! This was followed by a group session which was not cheesy or typical team build style, more an open chat and mingle about our experience and light-hearted humor surrounding our individuality we had discovered in one another. Since then, many of my staff have reached out to Michelle and continued to monitor and progress personal goals.

Based on my experience, I would highly recommend Michelle to not only increase productivity and harmony in a workplace but open the doors to gaining a deeper understanding of the individuals which make up a team. Michelle is able to achieve this via a warm, friendly, educated, honest and if need be a direct approach to what she does.

Tom Cull

Director, TC Build