My passion is CREATING CONSIOUS LEADERS. Leaders that have greater self awareness of how their behaviours and decisions impact others. Leaders that are not afraid to have tough conversations for the best of their team or company and Leaders who truely and consciously lead by example.
When you have greater self awareness, you can make better decisions, when you make better decisions, they lead to better results.
I’ve always been fascinated by Human Behaviour and have learnt from my own experiences, what brings the best out of me and how different leaders in my career have contributed to who I am today.
I’ve worked with some truly exceptional leaders, but I’ve also worked with some leaders who were not aware of how their behaviours and decisions impacted those around them, and some of my greatest lessons came from working with them.
Likewise, I’ve lead many successful sporting and people teams. I haven’t always nailed it, but I’ve learnt from every decision I have made.
Now I have the opportunity to share with you what I have learnt over my 20+ years in leadership.
I have developed some incredible courses to help you, your team and business become more self aware.
When you have greater CLARITY on why you lead / behave the way you do, CONFIDENCE to shift your leadership/communication style, you will then have the COURAGE to take action, lead by example and leave a legacy you’re proud of.
A team and business look like their leader and the success of any team or business you lead starts with you, so what are you waiting for?

Extended DISC Profiling

The Extended DISC profile, is non-judgement tool that is used to create greater self awareness. It help individuals better understand themselves by looking at their natural behavioural patterns. When individuals are more self aware and better understand themselves they are able to make better decisions. When you are able to make better decisions, they lead to better results both personally and professionally.
DISC dates back to the early 1920’s when Dr William Moulton Marston (a Lawyer and Psychologist with a PhD from Harvard) released his book “Emotions of Normal People”, where he proposed people illustrate their emotions in 4 primary types of behaviour – D (Dominance), I (Influenced), S (Steadiness) and C (Compliance).

An Extended DISC profile will

  1. Supercharge your Self Awareness and enable you to understand yourself on a deeper level and why you behave the way you do.
  2. Give you the skills to be able to identify different behavioural styles and therefor understand how you need shift your communication style to build greater rapport with people.
  3. Enable you to cut through the BS
  4. Increase honest conversations
And help you shortcut what can sometimes take years to find out not only about yourself, but other in your team or business.

Check out our www.theselfawarenessspecialist.com to experience an Extended DISC Profile

To read more about the History of DISC, please click here. To experience DISC and become more self aware get in touch here.


Finxs is the system behind the scene, It’s my profiling tool of choice. It is more flexible in both format and content than any other psychometric profiling tool. It can be tailored to deliver behavioural reports in many formats, that focus on all areas of the employee life cycle.
With millions of Extended DISC* psychometric tests performed across the world, this renowned psychometric profiling tool is your secret weapon. Real insight into real people. East to use and ridiculously accurate. Change how not only you communicate and behave but how your staff communicate, behave and work together.

The Conscious Leader Series

“Whether you’re a new Manager, been a Manager for a while and really love to be seen as a Leader or a current Leader that wants to up their game and become a Conscious Leader both you and your team will be proud of, we’ve got you covered”.

We’re currently updating and making our course even more amazing. Till we upload our new Course Outline, if you’d like to find out more, drop me a line – michelle@creatingconsciousleaders.com

Strategic Consulting

I’m fortunate to partner with some pretty incredible businesses and people within those businesses and work closely with them on their Strategic Plan. Sometimes all you need is an objective set of eyes or ears to help prioritise where you and the team shoud be spending their time to achieve your goals.

Mentoring / Coaching

I work 1:1 with a handful of businesses leaders whose values are aligned to who I am, who need a little extra support. These businesses may be in a growth phase, have a restructure that needs to take place or simply prefer the 1:1 attention to fast track their results.


Have your own content and need assistance with facilitation? I’d love to hear from you. Facilitation is definitely one of my favourite ways to spend the day.

Have any questions about my programs? I’d love to hear from you!

Since we’ve been working with Michelle, the self awareness of our team has grown immensely.

From who we are as individuals, how we interact as a team, to how we communicate internally and with our clients, we’ve been able to reach new levels of honest and open conversations.

Without a doubt, we’ve been able to lift underperforming team members and help them achieve their potential.

We’ve used Disc as a tool for both current and incoming team members to help facilitate and start conversations around success and development.

Thanks again for the support and clarity. Dan Eagles

Director , Prospace Design