WHAT we do…..

Put simply, we are your secret weapon. We help you shortcut what usually can take years to work out, not only about yourself, but others in your team or business. 

 Becoming a Conscious Leader is not scary. It just starts with having greater Self Awareness – CLARITY on who you are.
  • What you’re naturally good at and why.
  • What motivates you to exceed and what demotivates you.
  • Why certain people push your buttons and you would rather work with other types of people.
  • Why you think you’re doing everything you can to communicate with a team member or colleague but not getting results.
  • Who you need to surround yourself with to be successful.
  • How others can perceive you under pressure.

So, what is Self Awareness?

Self-awareness is your ability to truly “know yourself”.

It is being able to recognize what you look like when you’re at your best, your worst and the impact it has on others around you. In other words, you need to be aware of why you’re behaving the way you are and how your behavior is affecting others.

Why is it important?

“When you have greater self awareness, you’re able to make better decisions, when you make better decisions they lead to better results”

How do you get it?

Self-awareness grows as our life experiences grow.

Some people are naturally more connected and aware of themselves and the impact they have on those around them, however, for many others, it doesn’t come so naturally.

Ever worked with or known someone who was “blissfully unaware”? Chances are for a minute you were probably quite jealous of them, not having a care in the world, BUT, it probably wouldn’t last for long.

Our Secret weapon is a tool known as Extended DISC Profile. Now before you go “oh not another Behavioural Profiling Tool”…. keep reading. Extended DISC is different.

Benefits of Extended DISC


  • Supercharges your self-awareness around what’s actually important to you.
  • Provides a framework for understanding why we find some things easy and others frustrate us and how we can work more consciously with others.
  • Increases consciousness and confidence.
  • Increases empathy for self and others.


  • Creates greater awareness of individuals natural strengths and abilities.
  • Reduces judgement and criticism of others while building understanding and tolerance.
  • Provides a framework for making sense of team success, conflict and challenges.
  • Re-connects dysfunctional teams – improves communication while also developing a new language framework for team dynamics.


  • Creates greater awareness in Senior Leaders.
  • Decreases behind-the-scenes organizational politics whilst enabling more impactful communication.
  • Improves change management and decreases fear of change to enable culture change.
  • Builds organizational integrity
    Contributes to development of talent.


EXTENDED DISC is founded upon one of the oldest and most well known and trusted behavioural profiling tools – DISC. DISC has been around since the early 1920’s when psychologist and Lawyer William Martin Moulton completed a study on the normal emotions of human behaviour.

He discovered there are 4 distinct types of behaviour in every human, but in varying degrees.

They are:

Sometimes (for a variety of reasons) you may behave at work in a way that is different to how you would naturally behave and that is ok.

It’s all simply information to give us greater insight into you. What’s important to you, what motivates you, demotivates you, what you need to be successful in your role, whether you’re in the right role, what you might find easy or struggle with. What you need to be aware of when having conversations with other team members or clients. How you may need to shift your communication or leadership style to engage or connect with other people.

There are no profiles that are “good” or “bad.” No profile is “better” or “worse” than another. It’s all simply information to enable us to become more self aware and as a result, make more conscious and better decisions.

If you want to shortcut what can sometimes take years to work out, not only about yourself, but others in your team or business, let’s talk.


FinxS – One System – Unlimited Uses

FinxS is the system behind the scene. It’s my profiling tool of choice. It is more flexible in both format and content than any other psychometric profiling tool. It can be tailored to deliver behavioural reports in many formats, that focus on all areas of the employee life cycle.

Hover over the lightbulbs below to find out more on the different reports available.

With millions of Extended DISC® psychometric tests performed across the world, this renowned psychometric profiling tool is your secret weapon. Real insight into real people. Easy to use and ridiculously accurate. Change how not only you communicate and behave but how your staff communicate, behave and work together.