“Connecting with self is the first step to becoming a Conscious Leader.”

I’ve always been fascinated by Human Behaviour and have learnt from my own experiences what brings the best out of me and how different leaders in my career have contributed to who I am today. I’ve worked with some truly exceptional leaders. I’ve also worked with some leaders who, at the time were not very self-aware (or didn’t care), how their behaviour and decisions impacted those around them and some of my greatest lessons came from working with them. Now, I have the opportunity to give back and share with you what I have learnt over my 20 years of Leadership.

So, what is Conscious Leadership?

Conscious Leadership starts with you. It’s about truely connecting with and knowing yourself. It’s about being aware of how your behaviour and decisions impact those around you. It’s about using your heart and head (together) when you lead.

Too many people assume their position makes them a leader. It doesn’t. Your position may give you authority or control but it does not make you a leader.

Why is it important?

These days everyone is looking for greater connection, to themselves and each other. When we understand more about who we are as people, what’s important to us and why, people are better equipped to lead themselves and others. Conscious Leadership focuses on growing the people within an Organisation to empower them to self lead and be accountable for the results. Now, more than ever, individuals are looking for a place they feel they belong. A place they feel safe to be able to contribute, where they feel they are valued, recognised and where what they do makes a difference.

We need to start helping our people become more self aware and give them greater CLARITY on who they are, what success look like, CONFIDENCE in the tools and resources around them and then the COURAGE to make it happen.